Profile Safety Program


Profile Electrical has been COR Safety Program compliant since 2010.


A good safety and health program has to have both management and employee interest and input. Profile Electrical asks all our employees to read and be familiar with our safety program and guidelines in our safety manual. When all our employees know and understand safety, our safety program is meaningful and useful for our employees, our company, our worksites, our clients and the public.

Our safety manual was created as a guide to help our clients and employees understand our sincere company commitment to safety and direct everyone’s actions on the job site. The information contained in our corporate safety manual is intended for the general use of all Profile Electrical employees. The safety information in our safety policy and manual does not take precedence over applicable government regulations. All employees are expected to follow government regulations.

Profile Electrical also provides employees with the appropriate training and equipment to create a safe workplace. Management and foreman encourage everyone on our worksites to act and work safely. Employees are encouraged to take responsibility for their actions and expected create a safe work environment. Our goal is to prevent injury and accidents on our worksites with participation from our whole team.